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Our business started originally because we wanted to provide quality training at a reasonable cost to all individuals wishing to enter the health care field. We strive to enrich each student’s life by providing them with the tools that are needed to provide safe quality care to patients.

Our program is approved through the National Health Career Association (NHA) also licensed and registered with the State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools as well.



Tracy MacArthur

Creator, Co-Owner, Head Teacher


Tonya Brown

Co-Owner and Teacher

Our business is a collaboration between two sisters: Tracy McArthur and Tonya Brown and both are Co-Owners. Tracy McArthur is founder and Co-Owner of PQRST Center for EKG Training. She is also an Assistant Instructor of the Community Healthcare Workers Program at Cleveland State University. She served as a Paramedic for the City of Cleveland-Division of Emergency Medical Service for 13 years. Tracy learned that heart disease is the number 1 killer for all Americans, but African American are at greater risk of getting heart disease. Understanding the disparity of heart health within her community, she wanted to make change through education. Tracy believes she can change lives one heartbeat at a time.

Tracy McArthur received a Bachelor’s in History and a Minor in Political Science from Kentucky State University in 1994. She is also Certified EMT-Paramedic and Certified EKG Technician and Certified Telemetry Technician.

Tracy was an Instructor of an EKG Course at MedCert Training Center for 2 years. Tracy then founded PQRST Center for EKG Training provides quality training that gives our students the ability to succeed in the healthcare field as an EKG Technician. This is six-week course upon completion of the course student can earn two certifications, CET (Certified EKG Technician) and CTT (Certified Telemetry Technician).

The purpose of Tracy’s’ work is to be an advocate for the voiceless and to grow understanding of Chronic Disease that plague our community through education.

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